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Simply Software
Based in Birmingham
West Midlands, UK

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Simply Software

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Simply Invoice

Our bespoke applications are stable, easy to use, uncluttered and reliable. We also develop both standard html websites and e-commerce websites for clients.

Prices are set on a per project basis. You know in advance how much your customised software solution will cost before we start developing your software solution. The price will not change as long as your project specifications does not vary too much.

Below are some screen shots of a few clients projects.
We incorperate Microsoft Access, SQL Server or MySQL Server for all of our database driven solutions, mainly MySQL databases.

Car Rental Software:

We were asked to develop a car rental package for a firm in Bugibba, Malta.

Some features include:

* Logging in/out car on hire
* Customer and Vehicle database management
* Days, Weeks and Months rental calculator
* Vehicle due back, over due reminders screen
* Email and direct call customer integration 
* Auto extend rental period 
* Full car details including items options list
* Car damage report screen
* Customer reports with sales rental information
* Printable reports

Car Rental Software

EPoS Software:

Software that allows for full integration of EPoS hardware.

Some features include:

* Barcode scanners or readers
* Receipt printers
* Electronic till drawers
* Pole displays
* Network enabled
* 8 programmable quick search keys 
* Secure user login screen

This EPoS software solutio can be used in almost any retail business. The software has full stock control management, quick menus for browsing stock, removal of scanned items from basket ans stock, refunding and much more.

The software works with serial EPoS hardware.

Simply EPoS Software

Insurance Claims Software:

A firm in scotland wanted us to write an easy to use insurance accident claims package.

Some features include:

* A full CRM
* Royal Mail postcode lookup facility
* DVLA vehicle registration lookup facility
* A full accident report facility
* Contact by email, telephone or letter logging screen 
* Google Maps location integration (view accident site)
* Image databasae integration, this is for digitally storing images or documents that have been sent in by the client about the accident. Speeding up data retieval times, no looking for paper documents.

DVLA vehicle integration recalls all the vehicles information. VIN number, Colour, Date of first registration, Colour, Engine size, Co2 emmissions, Door plan, Make, Model plus much more.

Insurance Claim Software

Our demo e-commerce website :

We created a demo website to demonstrate that Simply Invoice SE can easily control an e-commerce website solution.

Stock items added to Simply Invoice SE can be displayed on your website. Items sold on your website automatically create an invoice and contact details within Simply Invoice SE so you do not have to.

Demo e-commerce website

Warehouse Stock Control Software and Management:

Stock control software for a Birmingham box firm.

The software integrates with the clients website for streamless order processing, invoicing, customer details creation and automatic payment processing and much more.

Some features include:

* Auto quantity discounts
* Quick percentage discounts
* Item size
* Minimum order quantities
* Visual linked items list screen
* Advanced sales report screen
* Multiple item images (per item) 
* 5 seperate sell rates per item

Stock Control Software

Touch Screen Order Processing Software:

Touch screen order processing that works in conjunction with Business Post delivery label software.

Our client wanted an easy solution for processing orders, picking, packing and then printing a Business Post barcode label ready for collection by Business bost at 4:30pm Mondays to Fridays.

Our system speeded up the picking and processing of customers items and completely eliminated long and tedious paper work.

Some features include:
* Automatically emails the customers letting them know that their order has been packed and is on the ways
* Automatically emails the customer the item tracking number.
* Built in item weight calculator
* Automatically prints delivery labels for parcels

Touch Scrren Orders Precessing Solution

Thumbnail Creator Application:

This is an application that was developed to easily create thumbnails of any size from any type of stored picture or image.

Some features include:

* Convert from jpg, bmp, pne, gif and othersl
* Save loaded image file as a smaller thumbnail image
* Horizontal scroll bar to easily adjust the image size
* Preview actual thumbnail image before saving the image 
* The option to save the thumbnail to any format image format 
* No image size limit

This started of as a test application for graphic crunching.

Thumbnail Creator Application

Invoice Software:

Our Invoice software was originally developed for ease of use and speed of transactions. Its modern look and feel plus friendly user interface makes for easy learning of the softwares many features.

Some features include:

* Quoting and Invoicing 
* Invoice and PO payment management 
* Auto quanitiy discount 
* Printouts on all screens 
* Purchasing Orders
* Contact Management
* Full Stock Control
* Bookkeeping and VAT return 
* Sales and Purchasing reports

Software is multi user and fully network enabled.

Simply Invoice Software

Essex e-commerce website:

This website was created to show how easily Simply Invoice can integrate into an ASP driven database website. We have now started to sell our e-commerce solution to clients.

Some features include:

* Live active search facility 
* Customer logins
* Integrates Ajax update panels and popups 
* Online ordering system 
* Password reminder facility 
* Favourite items catalogue 
* Simply Invoice controls all the websites live images and prices 
* Customer invoice reprint feature 
* Secure checkout integrates with any payment system you wish
* Fully featured Ajax shopping basket

ASP Database Development

Standard HTML Website:

The client wanted a website that would look professional and help then sell their services.

They already had a website but it really did not do their business any justice. We created a simple website and we also optimised the site for search engines.

Some features include:

* Clean and simple to navigate around
* Optimised for search engines
* We promoted the site for 12 months included in the price

Standard HTML Website

Database Driven Website:

This website was ordered by a client who wanted a website that they could easily maintain them selves.

First we created a website that was pleasant on the eye and easy to use. This is a database driven website but not e-commerce. It's an information site.

We then decided to creat a windows control panel to maintain the images, prices, text and vehicles for sale.

Some features include:

* MySQL database 
* Live active search facility on the site
* Active Google map of clients location 
* Site is controlled by an application written to run in Windows. This application manages all the site texts and images.

Standard HTML Website

Dark HTML website:

We decided to update our long established retail invoice software website.

The original site had been running for a long time and had started to look out dated.

We decided to change from the normal white website that everybody seems to like using, to a dark gray website with white text. This is a break from the norm but still looks good.

Even though the original website was optimised and constantly in Googles top 3 for our selected key word, we still completely changed the sites look and feel.

This site has been optimised for search engines and speed of page loading.

Simply Invoice HTML website

Stock Control Software:

We were commisioned to create a new but simple to use stock control system for a client in Bolton .

The client specifically requested 3 thing were high priority.
1. The system 'MUST' be simple to use as their staff were not clued up on computers.
2. They must be able to see at a glance how many items were in stock.
3. They must be able to see how much stock are on containers on their way to the UK.

Well we managed to tick all three boxes with ease. We also built and installed an in house database server for both our new bespoke software package and their previous packages.

Bolton stock control system

Local e-commerse website :

A local packaging firm got in contact with us to create an e-commerse website solution for them. They also wanted some way of controlling all the items of stock displayed on the website easily. As we already sell an in house stock control solution, we decided to link their new e-commerce website to the stock control system and call it our total e-commerce solution, which the client then purchased.

Our solution was to link their new e-commerse website to our MySQL database invoicing system, thus giving the client 100% control over the website, sales, stock and contact management.

As both the e-commerse website and the invoice software solution use the same database, it made managing the website content and sales seriously easy to do.

The client is so happy with our total e-commerce solution, that they have comissioned up to create another e-commerse website, but this time for furniture.

A local e-commerce website

Welsh e-commerce website:

One of our previous Simply Invoice V2 customers were looking for a fully optimised e-commerce website, So they contacted up to see if we could help them in any way.

We started of by upgrading their standard Simply Invoice V2 software package to Simply Invoice SE.

W e created an e-commerce website for the customer by using one of the templates that we were working on at the time. This template is specifically designed to allow Google, Yahoo and Bing to crawl the products in their product database and nothing else. The customer aldo wanted the website to only show their retail sell prices until their customer logged into the website, then the website would show the specific sell bracket that the customer is allocated to.(Simply Invoice SE has 10 different sell brackets).

The website has a full search facility that serched the item description, stock code, manufacturers stock code, and barcode number to bring back results.

The customer also wanted to use SagePay for their payment gateway.

Welsh e-commerce website


We have decided to setup a forum for all our Simply Invoice customers.

We have been asked on a number of different by customers if we had a customer forum, the answer was always no.

By setting up a customer forum for Simply Invoice software, we are hoping to help our customers even more than we already do.

A lot of people these days look on forums for help with their queries. If we can put questions and answers to commonly asked questions on the forum, this would help both old and new customers use our Invoicing software package more efficiently. Also users of our software could interact with each other, bouncing ideas of one another when it comes to using Simply Invoice software, and the ingenious ways that they have come up with solutions to their own questions.

Simply Invoice Forum

Android all size weather widget:

Just for the fun of it, we decided to create a weather theamed Android widget. This widget is connected to Googles own weather service API and also incorperates a three day weather forecast.

This app uses Google Location Services on your Android device to find your current location. The app then request the weather forecast for your location directly from Google servers.

This app was developed from scratch in about 5 days.

Android weather widget

Simply Invoice AE(Android Edition) for Google Android 10" tablets:

We were looking into Android development and decided to create a Invoice software package that you could use while on the move. This uses the exact same database as Simply Invoice SE.

This cut down version of our software is specically designed to run on a 10" Google Android powered tablet. WiFi or HSPA+ is needed as the database is help on an online secure server. This way where ever you are you can invoice out to customers, check stock or manage your customers payments.

As the database is held online, Simply Invoice AE is perfectly in sync with Simply Invoice SE(back at the office). You see exactly what sales have occured at the office, and the office can see exactly what sales have occured while you have been on one road on your tablet.

Simply Invoice Android Edition

Basic HTML website:

One of our oldest customers wanted us to update their old and dilapidated website. They wanted to portrey a new more professional image to potentially new customers.

We decided to create a new colour themed website to match the colour of their logo. Their new website is exactly what they were looking for. The website is also optimised for their selected search terms. and does appear at the top of local search results in Google.

Bagnall SAAB website

Basic HTML for one of our website:

We decided to create a new website for ourselves to promote our Google Android applications developers business.

As we can develop bespoke Android applications for clients, to help them run their businesses. We decided that we needed a new dedicated website to promote the fact.

The website is HTML based and one again is optimised for search engines to utilise.

Google Android applications software developers




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